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Broadnet is a privately held company established in 2003 incorporated under the Laws of Lebanon, whose registered office is Located in Beirut, with global offices in UAE, UK, Singapore and India. BroadNet is your long-term Bulk SMS solution provider. We provide a Fully Operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new Business Environments. This platform would enable you to achieve Highest Quality of Bulk SMS Services and Effective Support Compliance Handling. We have been told of several businesses that they have got their start with our backing. We help different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to get New Customers through our Professional Bulk SMS Services.

Press Release

Broadnet Announces to Offer More Improved HLR Lookup Services

19 Feb, 2018

Beirut, 5 February: BroadNet's HLR Lookup solutions can be accessed via web portal, SMPP, or by HTTP requests. It is simple to integrate and in a few minutes time, you can have your system running. Please find more about how BroadNet Technologies' HLR lookup services can help improve your overall revenue!


BroadNet Technologies - a leading telecommunications company from Lebanon with an active global presence - has been offering state of the art solutions and services to its clients looking to improve their revenue while connecting people and yielding benefits from communication industry. One of the core offerings if BroadNet Technologies is its fully integrated and holistic range of HLR Lookup Services .


Regardless of where you are, HLR lookup from BroadNet can help you increase effectiveness, reduce costs, decrease potential fraud and offer you with a totally accurate system to interact with your customers. From technical and commercial point, the HLR Lookup from BroadNet is one of the most competitive services in the industry.


"By cost, coverage, API and support; BroadNet wins the race. It has a state of the art and holistic system to fully leverage on the core benefits of telecommunication industry and the services it offers are better than the rest. The HLR Lookup service from BroadNet is recommended for businesses and individuals for its simplicity," says a customer.


To learn more about BroadNet's state of the art HLR Lookup services; please click the website


About BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies is an international leading Business Messaging Solution Provider. It’s joined the GSMA as an Associate Member also it has been awarded certification to the ISO 27001:2013; BroadNet Technologies has been a pioneer in the use of SMS-messaging service across global markets since 2003 thus widening its range of products and services to include Bulk SMS, A2P SMS, HLR Lookup Service, SMSC Gateway, SMS Firewall, Web Solutions, and Mobile Applications. For more information, please visit us:


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