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About Broadnet Technnologies

Broadnet is a privately held company established in 2003 incorporated under the Laws of Lebanon, whose registered office is Located in Beirut, with global offices in UAE, UK, Singapore and India. BroadNet is your long-term Bulk SMS solution provider. We provide a Fully Operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new Business Environments. This platform would enable you to achieve Highest Quality of Bulk SMS Services and Effective Support Compliance Handling. We have been told of several businesses that they have got their start with our backing. We help different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to get New Customers through our Professional Bulk SMS Services.

Press Release

BroadNet Technologies Offers Most Sumptuous and Affordable SMS Marketing Packages to the Clients

07 Jul, 2016

While the cutting-edge marketing tools and technologies are on the constant rise, the concept of SMS marketing something has changed largely these days. Today, SMS marketing is the order of the day and is the first choice of a host of business owners, in this cut-throat competitive era. A multitude of companies has these days introduced cost-effective SMS marketing deals too. However, using your acumen, you can make sure to discover a reputable vendor of such packages. If you are still looking to discover such a reputable SMS marketing company, then look no further than BroadNet Technologies once and for all.


This up and coming Lebanon-based bulk SMS marketing company is replete with a team of competent technicians in its team that will offer sumptuous packages for your SMS Marketing needs. You can look forward to enhancing the visibility, sale leads and traffic of your company if you hire the services of the company. You can also touch base with your targeted audience, just by availing of the SMS packs of this company. The clients of this company have managed to build treasured relationships with their end users, regardless of the different global locations, because of the varied the SMS marketing options.


Above all, if you are planning to hire the SMS Marketing services of our company then you are certainly going to reap a variety of back-to-back benefits. The company is ready to walk the extra mile for you in terms of providing you a detailed analysis of your SMS campaigns as well as its performance. You can readily utilize promotional SMS services of this company to announce product launch, send marketing offers, compliments, alerts, and reminders to client, and a lot more.

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