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Press Release

BroadNet Technologies Releases Innovative Bulk SMS Software for Sending Unicode Messages

30 Jun, 2016

BroadNet Technologies, a predominant Bulk SMS Company is proud to release again unique and high-class Bulk SMS Software. The bottom-line of the software is that it helps marketers to send the SMS messages to the targeted audiences in void of internet connectivity. The software comes furnished with Unicode language support. With this in mind, it is a great help for global users to send the messages in English or Non-English Characters. When it comes to using the software, it is just a walk in the park for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users for sending messages. The tool is able to send and deliver the messages to the users from PC by plugging into mobile phone. The program is compatible with all fashionable mobile devices such as GSM phone, Android Phone, iOS and Windows phone in terms of sending messages.


The software also features innovative GSM technology for sending messages to the audiences. So you can send your messages from PC via connecting any brands of USB modem to transmit multiple messages. The software also facilitates to send messages using multiple mobile phones or USB modems depending on user’s preferences and needs.


Bulk SMS Software also comes furnished with another remarkable and useful feature to miss out matching numbers while sending the messages. The program also comes with a state-of-the-art feature to load contacts from phone memory via mobile devices with a variety of existing operating systems for sending a multitude of messages.


Salient Features of our Special Bulk SMS Software:

  • Send Multiple SMS worldwide
  • Functional even without internet connection
  • Supported with Unicode Characters
  • Send distinctive or customized messages
  • Convenience to load contacts from excel/text file
  • Option to add/paste recipient numbers manually
  • Tardy delivery option to handle a stack of SMS broadcasting
  • Convenience to save sent messages
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