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Broadnet is a privately held company established in 2003 incorporated under the Laws of Lebanon, whose registered office is Located in Beirut, with global offices in UAE, UK, Singapore and India. BroadNet is your long-term Bulk SMS solution provider. We provide a Fully Operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new Business Environments. This platform would enable you to achieve Highest Quality of Bulk SMS Services and Effective Support Compliance Handling. We have been told of several businesses that they have got their start with our backing. We help different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to get New Customers through our Professional Bulk SMS Services.

Press Release

BroadNet Technologies- Provider of Best HLR Look Up Services in the Market

18 Jul, 2016

What is HLR (Home Location Register)?

HLR, being an ellipsis of Home Location Register, is a cardinal part of the telecommunications based which is widely used in a variety of international mobile networks to stock info about endorsers, as it backs up connection pooling.


Why use HLR?

Verifying the number in the HLR database is a type of service typically employed for more cost-cost-efficient database management. It enables you to appraise the home GSM network for a hand-picked mobile number and validates whether the number is word-perfect and active. With that said, you can eliminate wrong mobile numbers from the database, and ensure which communication system does the mobile number pertain to.


Benefits of using our HLR Look up Services :

The handiness of HLR Look up service is just the ticket for the businesses as it assists them monumentally in purchasing a number of databases, because of the prospect of carrying out advance checks on their quality. In addition to that, segregation of numbers in a database in accordance of their home GSM network can cut down the cost of telephone calls in the Call Center.


Our HLR Lookup is proven in verifying a mobile number out and out and offers comprehensive details, including operator individuality and roaming info. The tool also tidies up your mobile database to make sure there is an improved level of saving while sending your SMS. It also makes sure that all SMS that you sent to are legitimate mobile numbers in actual.


The price is most affordable and a no-brainer in the industry and with that said, you need not think twice when it comes to using our second-to-none and failsafe HLR lookup service.


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